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Yes! The picture above is my actual studio!

Through the years, different synthesizers and related equipment have frequented my studio. At one point in time, I think I had a dozen of them in possession. The main reason for that was the growing need for more "voices". But as technology evolved and synths became real "beasts" with 128 or even 256 voices, I decided to scale down. Less is more, you know?

So, let's see what's inside:

The biggest instrument is the Roland HP 330 Piano. I'm using it as the master keyboard.

Next to that is the Roland V-Synth 2.0

Now THIS is a synthesizer!

Inside the rack bag, you will find besides a small rackmixer (ART MX622), a 4-way input DI (t.racks TDI4) and a power distributor (Adam Hall 87471), the latest Synth module from Roland (me, a Roland fan? Naaaah): The Integra-7! 30 years of Roland sound history in one box.

Depending on the type of song I'm working on, I choose between the Alesis SR18 drum machine or the Yamaha DTXpress to record the rhythm parts.

Now, to have all those beautiful sounds on record, I deciced to throw out the computer and have an easy-to-use digital multitrack recorder instead. I have had good experiences with the old Tascam tape recorders (about a thousand years ago) so I went for the Tascam DP-32. Watch out for this new abbreviation: "WYHIWIP." What you hear is what I played.